IFASTU Q&A Call with MR 4.14.21

Lots of ground covered…here’s a quick overview: Powerlifting training: Pros, cons, and how to do it without destroying yourself. Thoughts on foot position in half-kneeling. Laying out training programs for athletes age 10-13. Numerous thoughts on how to make sessions FUN. How to improve your learning of anything, and especially Bill’s model 🙂 Why you[…]

MR Q&A Call – 2.17.21

What a great call today! We covered a ton of ground, and here’s a list of all the topics we covered: KPI’s with regards to rotary sports athletes. Fitness trends. Soccer injuries and soccer-specific training. What “evidence-based” means (and why there’s more than ONE type of evidence). Is the back squat bad? And when would[…]