The Biomechanics of Performance

Biomechanics is an essential area of rehab and performance that every coach and clinician should understand, but there is one BIG problem. Ever pick up a biomechanics book? If you’ve so much as peaked at one, you probably saw a ton of technical jargon, physics, mathematics, and endless equations. While the fancy equations might be useful for researchers, coaches need a working knowledge of a few biomechanics principles to really make that knowledge useful in the gym. So, cut out the equations, and grasp the concepts. In this video series, we’ve done just that.

This 4 part video series will go through the core principles every coach should understand to make their training more effective, prevent injuries, and make better decisions when writing programs or adjusting things on the fly.

  1. Biomechanics and Coaching
  2. Essential Concepts for Coaching
  3. Essential Concepts for Coaching
  4. Biomechanics for Peak Performance

Part 1 – Biomechanics and Coaching

Here is what you’ll find in part 1 of the series:

  • Why mechanics matter in performance and rehab
  • A few prerequisite concepts you should know before getting too deep
  • The 3 laws of motion
  • Forces, forces, forces, and more forces
  • Basic mechanics of posture and squatting

Part 2 – Essential Concepts for Coaching

Coming March 2018…

Part 3 – Essential Concepts for Coaching

Coming April 2018…

Part 4 – Biomechanics for Peak Performance

Coming May 2018…

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